APQC-007 Leading Practices for Reporting, Performance Measurement, and Improvement (APQC-007)

In this APQC webinar, Rachele Collins (principal research lead, APQC) and Forrest Breyfogle (CEO, Smarter Solutions Inc.) discuss highlights from APQC’s latest research on leading practices for financial and managerial reporting, as well as how to develop an integrated enterprise excellence business management system.

Learning objectives:

Hear findings from APQC’s research on financial and managerial reporting (including use of data visualization, mobile, dashboarding, self-service, and automation)
Learn how finance can help facilitate the development of an integrated enterprise excellence business management system, including what to measure and report; when and how to report it; and how to interpret the results
Hear how finance can help its business stakeholders use the results of an integrated enterprise excellence approach to establish goals, prioritize work efforts, and continuously enhance organizational focus and success.
  • K010167 Leading Practices for Reporting and Performance Measurement
  • K010167 Session's Presentation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed