GIC-002 ISO20700 Pre-requisite Non-CMC IMC Members (Module 2) [EN] (GIC-002)

This is a pre-requisite module for IMC Members that are not CMC-Certified.

The publication of ISO 20700 is a notable occasion for several reasons. It is the 1st international management standard published by ISO for the service sector and it is considered by ISO themselves as the start of a new chapter for them in the development of the next family of standards. It is also a major milestone for the management consultancy profession as it forms a key stage in the development and application of common standards of good practice for management consultancy.

This course is an accreditation course that allow experienced CMCs to comply with the requirements of ISO 20700 in their contracting and project management activities when contracting with a client, thus being able to issue an ISO20700 Compliance Self Declaration.
  • GIC-002 Module 2 S1: The International Family of Management Consulting
  • GIC-002 Module 2 S1 Comprehension Mini Test
  • GIC-002 Module 2 S2: CMC Designation, Collaboration and Professional Development
  • GIC-002 Module 2 S2: Comprehension Mini Test
  • GIC-002 Module 2 S3: CMC, ISO20700 and the Future of Consulting
  • GIC-002 Module 2 S3: Comprehension Mini Test
Completion rules
  • You must complete the test "GIC-002 Module 2 S3: Comprehension Mini Test"