GIE-002 BPP RoundTable: Ethics in Managed Services [EN] (GIE-002)

BPP02 - RoundTable: Ethics in Managed Services - Dec 2018
Consulting, and specifically Management Consulting has been performed in essentially the same manner for almost a century. The essence of the profession has been based in bringing in very bright people to have a fresh look and apply their brain to the solution of problems.

But there’s been evidence recently about disruption brought about for the Industry 4.0 revolution, that is affecting already many industries and changing the shape of how businesses and through them clients see their providers….. as “on demand components”.

SourceGlobal Research is a leading provider of research, data, and strategic advice about the global professional services industry, and they have been observing and documenting a big change in client expectations regarding their Management Consulting providers. Several reports, papers and articles talk about what they have called “Managed Services” in Consulting.

You may think of it as “Consulting as a Service + the management of the transformation enablers through the expertise of the consultants themselves”…. Running in the background the solutions they have devised.

The Challenge: How to handle the ethics of being and independent advisor with the potential conflict of interest when you yourself are one of the possible solution paths?

This is the item for discussion in this round table with experts from different views and fields within Management Consulting.
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