GIE-003 BPP RoundTable: Marketing Tools for your Consulting Practice [EN] (GIE-003)

BPP03 - RoundTable: Marketing Tools for your Consulting Practice - Jul 2019

We will have a roundtable with colleagues from different parts of the world commenting their take and experience performing marketing for their practices.

Every country and market is unique and there are no good or bad techniques or ideas for marketing your practice….. It all depends. What might be great for someone, might not provide results in another market.

Therefore, we thought of approaching this interesting topic by collecting experiences from different parts of the world, hopefully to show different approaches and personal experiences on the Do's and Don'ts of marketing your consulting practice.

We aim not at giving you the right recipe, that's impossible. But to provide you with a view on different ways of handling marketing and hopefully, provide you with food for thought for your own practice.

Our Panel:

Yasir Rasheed Taak: Helping organisations with their people and culture initiatives. Geographical Scope: South Asia– based in Pakistan.

Edgar Barroso: Founder of AVERTICA - International Expansion Consulting. Geographical Scope: Europe Region and the Americas – based in Spain.

Modesta Nyirenda-Zabula: Over 20 years of experience in non-profit organisations, social enterprises and the private sector. Geographical Scope: Africa – based in Botswana.

Tamara Abdel-Jaber: Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Palma Consulting. CMC-GI Board Chair
Geographical Scope: MENA Region – based in Jordan.

Pamela Campagna: Consultant and Professor; Strategy, Leadership and Marketing. CMC-GI Marketing Committee Chair. Geographical Scope: North America – based in the US.

Roundtable Moderator: Otto Acuna. CMC-GI Professional Development Chair. Based in Costa Rica
  • RoundTable: Marketing Tools for your Consulting Practice [EN]
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